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Doing good, made easy.

Payroll Giving

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll giving, or workplace giving is when "individuals contribute a small portion of their pre-tax salary to charity and receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of financial year" (Workplace Giving Australia).

This means that if an employee chooses to give $40 a month for example, they will actually only have $26 deducted from their net pay (depending on their tax bracket).

Why Payroll Giving?

On top of the warm & fuzzy feeling that employees get, knowing that their company supports them doing good, payroll giving is also proven to:

  • Attract new talent through offering a best-practice employee benefit
  • Increase retention & reduce employee turnover through employee satisfaction
  • Improve your company's brand association in the community
  • Increase your company's social impact without increasing budget
  • Doing good, made easy

    Payroll giving is the easiest & most impactful way for an employee to give.
    However, it can seem baffling & bewildering for the managers trying to implement it.

    Whilst everybody wants to do payroll giving, nobody knows how to actually get it started.
    Well, now you will.
    We have de-baffled and de-tangled payroll giving, and turned it into a neat 3 step process.

    Step 1: Employees pledge

    Ever had success engaging staff in something that took them more than 5 minutes to complete?
    Neither have we.

    With Benojo, employees just select who they'd like to give to and how much, then set and forget. With over 800 non-profits to choose from, and the ability to onboard any new non-profits that aren't already on Benojo, it really is so simple.

    Step 2: Payroll Deductions

    When payroll time comes around, an automated report will make its way into your payroll contact's inbox with all the deductions to be made that month.
    The payroll contact just needs to make the changes, and then can sit back, set & forget. They will be notified month-by-month anytime an employee changes their pledges.

    Step 3: One invoice, unlimited donations.

    One of the beautiful parts of payroll giving is that together, your company can support hundreds of charities each and every month.
    However, sending out those hundreds of donations to hundreds of charities each month? Updating reports, verifying charities and double checking bank accounts are up to date?

    To keep things easy, we send through 1 invoice each month for the total donations to go out, regardless of how many charities your employees are supporting each month.
    We disburse the donations, keep reporting up to date and ensure all charity details are verified.

    Easy peasy.

    What Else Can You Do On Benojo?

    Payroll giving is just one of the many ways your employees can do good using Benojo.

    Whether you're looking to dip your toe in the water with a fundraiser challenge, go waist deep and start matching employee donations or dive right in with an all-inclusive 'do good' program for your entire business, we can show you how.

    With your company's Benojo account, you will also be able to:

  • Start fundraising appeals, challenges & events
  • Offer & manage volunteering to your employees
  • Match your employees' donations for double the impact
  • Find new charities to work with
  • Create a central place for your company's 'good deeds'
  • Send and outsource your company donations
  • Learn more about Benojo EDGE (Employees Doing Good Easily).

    So, what about costs?

    We're glad you asked

    Benojo's aim is to make it easy to do good, and we don't want sky-high costs to get in the way.

    Our fees are based on your number of employees, your integration preferences and the level of support you would like from our team.



    Premium technology access:

  • Pre-tax payroll giving
  • Donation matching
  • Company profile & giving hub
  • Fundraising appeals & challenges
  • Volunteering - skilled, unskilled, team & individual
  • Employee intentions and insights
  • Reporting
  • From $100/month

    Payroll Giving Disbursements

    5% of amount to be disbursed

    Single Sign On Integration*


    Account Management

    From $100/month

    *Single Sign On is highly recommended for companies with more than 100 employees.

    A little about us

    After travelling the world for 11 years on his much beloved motorbike, our founder Martyn Ryan witnessed first hand, the power of people coming together to do great things and their willingness to give unconditionally for the good of humankind. This experience led his vision to create Benojo.

    Today we are a social enterprise backed by purpose-driven people that want to see change in the not-for-profit sector by reducing giving waste and creating a community where people can come to do good.

    Ready to do some good?

    Setting up is simple, and can take as little as half an hour.
    We're ready when you are.